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Welcome to my (re)new(ed) blog!

You may have found this blog through my website, my facebook or through the mysteries of Google. For those unfamiliar with the previous blog, this blog is an 'upgrade' from my old dreamwidth account. I decided to move to Blogger because;
a) Blogger offers me a more accessible and extensive format to build my blog in, and:
b) Blogger provides me with a larger network of fellow bloggers.

The purpose of this blog is to be the (dynamic) companion of my (static) professional website. This blog will be both professional, featuring writings on Judaism, religion and the rabbinate and personal, discussing my interests, publishing reviews, and showcasing some of my other creative expressions.
The website will continue to be updated with new material. However, this blog gives me direct control to regularly post and update (without having to ask my dear husband to code html for me :)).

All the content of my old blog has been transferred to this blog. Feel free to browse with the aid of the tagcloud in the righthand column.
All posts will be in either Dutch or English. To select language, click on the 'dutch' or 'english' tag in the tagcloud. Dutch readers can click on the Dutch page for a collection of Dutch writings.
The format of this blog is similar to a webpage. The Home page contains the dynamic blog interface that features new posts. The other pages (i.e. LifestyleMultimedia etc) are more static in nature and can be seen as 'archives' of the Home page. New posts will be moved to their designated category in order to keep the archives current. Each page has an explanation of its function and provides the reader with extensive links to its relevant posts.

Learn more about me through the About page, stay in touch through the Connect page, explore further reading through the Links page and follow my activities on the Agenda page.

I hope you enjoy the new blog!

Shalom u'vracha, (peace and blessings)

Esther Hugenholtz


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