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Excavating and Elevating

Parashat Vayigash  Rabbi Esther Hugenholtz  Excavating and Elevating 
Being a rabbi is a funny job. Like Joseph, a rabbi is expected to replenish the storehouses of the community. Not literally, of course, but figuratively. Like Joseph, a rabbi is expected to facilitate relationships. Like Joseph, a rabbi is expected to develop a sustainable vision for the future as well as being a ‘dugma ishit’, a personal example. We rabbis answer to a Higher Authority, after all, and despite our personal preferences, foibles and failings, are bearers of the crucible of tradition. I love being a rabbi and only two years in, I feel like I could already write a book about my myriad of moving, challenging and sometimes outright bemusing experiences. 
Yet there’s one aspect of a rabbi’s life which is most visible: the rabbi as shaliach tzibbur, prayer leader. This is what stereotypically people imagine a rabbi to be: standing here, in the prerequisite ritual garb, leading the congregation in prayer. It i…