Welcome to the Torah section of my blog.

This section will feature my writings, articles, d'rashot (sermons) and essays about Torah - in the broadest sense of the word. There is a 'Parashat haShavua' section, featuring my writings and sermons on the weekly parasha or haftara. There is also a 'Sermons for Special Occasions' section, with sermons given during the Festivals and High Holy Days. Futhermore, there is a 'Various Writings' section, containing essays and other writings dealing with various Torah- and Judaism-related themes.

All publications listed here are written either in Dutch or English.
Dutch readers: the 'Nederlands' section of this blog will contain more (Torah-related) Dutch-language writings.

Parashat haShavua (in order of the appearance of the parshiyot in the Torah)

Bereshit (Genesis)
- Vayera
- Chayei Sarah
- Toldot
- Vayeshev
Miketz (d'var haftara)
- Vayigash

Shemot (Exodus)
- Bo
- Beshallach
- Yitro
- Tetzaveh

Vayikra (Leviticus)
- Shemini
- Tazria
- Kedoshim
- Emor
- Behar
- Bechukotai

Bamidbar (Numbers)
Bamidbar (d'var haftara)
- Shlach
- Balak
- Pinchas
- Matot
- Masei

Devarim (Deuteronomy)
- Eikev
- Re'eh
- Shoftim
- Ki Tetzeh
- Ki Tavo
- Nitzavim
- Vayelech
- Ha'azinu
- V'zot haBrachah

Yom Kippur sermon 2010 #1 ('The Politics of Being Nice')
Rosh haShana sermon 2010 ('Did Abraham Fail the Test?')
Yom Kippur sermon 2010 #2  ('Be Here Now')
Yom Kippur (Kol Nidrey) sermon #1 2012  ('Words are Wind')
Yom Kippur sermon #2 2012 ('Heroes and Villains')
Rosh haShanah sermon 2012 ('The Numbers Game')

Various Writings

Gender and Egalitarianism
- Vrouwen en het Joodse gebed
- Een dag in het leven van de Joodse vrouw

Mikveh, Sexuality and the Body
- Majiem Chajiem - een eigentijds mikwe (booklet)
- In Your Blood, Live! - toward a Progressive theology of Niddah
- Living by Example, Re-envisioning of Love: the Marital Covenant in the Book of Hosea

Jewish Learning and Rabbinical School
- Het ABC van Akiva
- Interview met rabbijn Mimi Feigelson

The Jewish Calendar and Lifecycle
- 'Your Inner Light' Chanukkah Activity (Chanukkah)
- Queen Esther - an unlikely heroine (Purim)

Personal Perspectives
- Roots and Branches - on my family history and the rabbinate

Website, movie and book reviews (even when addressing Jewish themes) are filed under the 'Lifestyle' section of the blog.


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