The Multimedia section intends to integrate my audiovisual resources and make them accessible on this blog. 

I am an amateur singer-songwriter and I enjoy playing the guitar and writing songs (both music and lyrics). 
I write popular (secular) music, mainly in the Folk/Rock genre but I also write (religious) liturgical compositions based on the texts in the siddur (Jewish prayer book). I am more than happy to play these (or more traditional liturgical compositions) in a congregational setting.

You can listen to a small selection of my (liturgical) music on my Bandcamp account.

I have made a series of Dutch-language videos called 'B'chol Levav'cha - met heel het hart' ('With the Whole Heart'). The purpose of each 15 minute instalment is to present practical Judaism in an accessible and entertaining light for a Dutch-language audience.
The series addresses the topics of lighting Shabbat candles, baking and taking challah, visiting the mikveh, wearing a tallit and wrapping tefillin. 

You can watch these videos on my Vimeo account.

Please bear in mind that all copyright of all my materials (be it written, photographic, musical or visual) is my intellectual property and may NOT be used without my explicit prior permission (click on the 'Connect' tab to contact me).
Please also bear in mind that the music files were recorded in the opensource programme Audacity and that the videos (on Vimeo) were recorded with my webcam and that these recordings are not of professional quality.


  1. I just watched you on the Big Questions on BBC ... you were excellent - brave, truthful, grounded.

    More please.


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