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Resources (books + websites) for conversion and study

Often I get questions from both Jews and non-Jews on reading recommendations. Of course, for a rabbi (who by definition is a bibliophile), this is an extremely hard question to answer because the options seem endless. What do you want to learn about? At what level is your current learning? Are you looking for an 'academic' or a 'spiritual' approach etc.
Even so, I'm attempting to create a reading list and will strive to update this on a somewhat regular basis. The current list I'm linking to is the list provided by the 'Miller Introduction to Judaism Program'. This American programme is hosted by the American Jewish University in Los Angeles and is one of the most cutting-edge conversion programmes in the non-Orthodox Jewish world. The caveat with sharing their list is that it is centred on the American Jewish experience although their book recommendations are fantastic.
A note on the (Jewish) Internet: Individuals are - of course - at their own discret…