#pesachunplugged - Passover social media fast!

For the third year running, I'll go on a 'social media fast' this Pesach.

It started when I read an article about Christians going on a social media fast during Lent. This inspired me: couldn't we in the Jewish community try a similar idea during Passover?

The Haggadah encourages us to experience the Exodus for ourselves: what things are we slave to and what experiences of personal liberation would we want to go through? The answer is complex, of course, but a small and easy step we could take is to disconnect from the 'slavery' of the Internet for a week. 

So, without further ado, join me in my Pesach Social Media Fast from Monday April 14th (evening) till Monday April 21st.

No Facebook, Twitter or whatever your platform of choice is. Unplug, unwind, reconnect with the things that matter. Build community in the flesh, reflect on the message of freedom and re-engage renewed.

Who's joining me? Wishing you all a liberating and meaningful Passover. Find us on Facebook and Twitter under the hashtag #pesachunplugged.


  1. I know Pesach was ages ago now, but I've ended up posting a long thinky response to this on my blog :-)


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